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The watch is nice and comfortablearmani couple watch Too much, some of the comments, I was a tear of the watch, do not know why you say its durability. Because of any problem, I wear every day, I have not received it. Adjust the bracelet for further snugger fit, but I have no problem at all. Five time zone watch alarm function is ideal. You can easily set the time of the analog and digital. I highly recommend it.When you set the clock,armani watches men enter the function, I have been groping four switches, the general approach is consistent, set the time, by the name of the digital city, adjusted until helpful.So ass pain strap is the only place where it is negative. Some bands have a groove at the bottom Casio easily pry. Which uses a small needle. The pin is there, this is a good one. I had to do them, I just have a small awl WALE. Need to pay close attention to the person with the package, I have not been able to find the one I bought a few years ago.Captain's armband metal,mens casio watches I clock face is slightly thicker, after getting rid of some, you can feel the it much in forewarm light, rather than annoying was found. The right of the box, so the armband will have a very loose, you need to find a professional custom fit it. Even so, this watch is a lot cheaper too many watches and other attacks. I am very pleased with my purchase.I had this watch for a week,casio watches I will not be able to report on the long-term durability. However, the picture of the product, I can report that it does not cause more handsome to look at it, I believe. It is very easy to to use functionality.First watches and appearance. This is a thick watch. Muffins in the wrist. However, the material is better quality than I expected, especially in the face is good. Hands stand out from the background. Digital lighting, photo more clearly, so you can see it - it is perfectly readable, I is not dominant. Figure bright light, there is a set, you can switch from 1-3 seconds.


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