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I watch only negative things,armani watches it is difficult to change. Counterintuitive in a different date and the DST (five times), need to open the manual, I changed this year, in fact, I manually change fun, you have a knob, in the wind, and do not have to promote its number, it must, it is not, in particular, is the analog of the hand.About two months to become a workplace,casio watches you can use this table, I can not believe it. the mettalic the appearance but look at the adult atmosphere in the office of the features it offers digital snooze alarm function, including some timer is the same. So far, I have been using the stopwatch, my 15-minute lunch break time, you know when you come back to work. Stopwatch, but up to 60 minutes, prior to restart the count, I rarely use what it within 60 minutes. Hand analog display, there is no way to turn off the digital display complete analog look. It does not open a dial-type, it is necessary to set the analog pointer can be a pain, and rotate clockwise button to go to you only.Automatic light display.casio metal watch Glad to seen .. better pictures shown, your budget is definitely worth the money ... I recommend this product does not exceed 35 dollars, if you go at night time.Highly. Or .. This is a good choice. Seems to be ... professionaI sports watch, looks more than 100%, but I like it for several reasons, the main reason is that it has a very light, but still is a metal. I hate heavy watch, this is light as a feather. They are so quick release I like metal strap. Its digital and analog face, and I like it, because they have a normal function of a wide range of digital clock.Casio watches embodies a cheap and reliable. If you lose it, you do anything bad will kill you. Very anxious when you come out of the gate, so I never find one, I have a few Casio watches compared to every home actually.casio edifice watch In fact, they watch, because the I 20 Dorukashio still running 15 years ago, more reliable.


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