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I bought this watch, my international tourism in Southeast Asia. Simultaneously display multiple time zone travel,armani watches I have, I have been looking for the moderate price range, you can continue to return to my home time zone watch. I was most impressed by this watch, I highly recommend it. Most electronic table needs a certain degree of MIT To change or set of functions. Did not have to, please refer to this document (bring my case), it is a very easy thing to do. In addition, it is easy to be able to see clearly when I can use my insticts just change the settings. Analog clock, digital display continuously displays the time, in my hometown, it is easy to read at night. Alarm, easy to operate, and I've used it almost every morning. In addition, 15-20 feet (I tested individuals), which at least is waterproof. I did some research, based on the opinions of other readers, purchase and support them - let this one.The best looking casios metal band, one.Can easily be changed to a new time zone, through the use of the date / time, date and day of the week is automatically reset,armani watch even if the watch has a world time function. Simply select the appropriate time zone as the main display in the digital mode, please check. Hand analog set to my time zone, easily at home, I see my two brigades on the same display. Number I is large enough to see at a glance. Backlighting is easy to see at night.It has excellent resistance to wear all the time clock. The price is very easy on the wallet, looks very casual and formal burberry watches Since I bought this watch, it has been full-time on my wrist. If you do not clean, then the command button, made of stainless steel is very smooth. In fact, I almost extinct overall design mixed button. Is a smooth stainless steel belt and the clasp is closed, completely open.It really is a beautiful watch,cheap burberry watches there is no doubt, continue to play a role in very good time in the past year or so, usually more expensive for this particular model of Casio model, it is not (although indications due to cheaper material) wear. I would buy another in the Amazon Casio retail 50 +, while the use of high quality materials.I like the fact that you can choose to display a specific date / month. Thats what I also like to choose the date and day of the week, this is not a very good light weight choice.Its of'm sorry, in the dark,burberry watches you can illuminate the display, stopwatch, alarm, WORL I have time. All at unbeatable prices, I look at the small clock.


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