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UGG Elsey Boots Black
UGG Elsey Boots Black
UGG Elsey Boots Black
$360.00 $228.98Save: 36% off
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US 5 UK 3.5 EUR 36
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* Highest quality, genuine twinface sheepskin from Australia
* Genuine sheepskin sockliner naturally wicks away moisture and helps keep feet dry and comfortable
* 100% premium wool fleece keeps feet dry and comfortable in warm or cold climates
* Easy pull-on/pull-off fit
UGG Elsey Boots carried by UGGs Outlet are fashionable and stylish. Soft Suede Boots made from the highest quality, genuine twinface sheepskin from Australia. These UGG Elsey Boots feature a combination of rich suedes and genuine twin-faced sheepskin.
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